Let’s be honest, we all had to start somewhere.  After more than 45 years in international business, working in every continent – well, not in the Arctic or Antarctic – and residing in three (Europe, Asia, North America), I have taken my first steps in Voice-Over, with almost 40 audio-books under my belt after 18 months!!

I have authentic British delivery, thanks to my parents and formative years, an above-average capacity to comprehend your script, thanks to my education and experience, and the ability to communicate effectively with your audience, thanks to my years inter-acting with clients and students in my role as a management and executive trainer.

My sense of humour is always sharp and sometimes quirky, and is complemented by language skills and my multi-national experience.   I can’t promise you the GEICO Gecko or Sir Anthony Hopkins, but I do offer thoughtful, intelligent delivery and impeccable diction!!

So, you won’t yet see a long client list or extensive testimonials, but don’t let that worry you!!  I have experience with the BBC (UK) and with commercial and public radio and TV stations in central Ohio.

Sounds Like Angus!  Try it, you’ll like it!!